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We are fans of all living creatures. Without doubt. But we still have a weak spot for the most special, impressive and extraordinary animals on our beautiful globe. One of these mythical creatures is the narwhal, once described by National Geographic as the world’s most eccentric animal. A kind of whale, but with a big ivory horn on the head. The unicorn of the ocean. Mythical, spectacular and a little crazy. In a good way. Exactly what you will find in our collection.


Our swim TRUNKS are made from recycled plastic bottles. The high-quality fabrics we use are sourced locally in Asia and come with all important certificates (GRS). These certificates are issued by a Dutch company, so that we can be sure that the authenticity has been verified.

After the production process, our swimming trunks are transported by vessel to Europe. Transport by boat has the lowest impact on our carbon footprint.

We also opt for sustainable packaging and labels. All mandatory labels and stickers are produced with recycled material. We consciously choose to pack our swim shorts “clean” so that we use the least amount of material.


In addition to sustainability, we also attach great importance to the labour conditions of the factory employees. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China. The employees enjoy fair wages and normal working days and working hours. In addition, the factory has state-of-the-art equipment, which is conducive to safety. All this results in a certification of the highest standards in the market.


Born and raised in Rotterdam, the largest port city in Europe. So it’s not surprising that water has always played an important role in Rick’s life. But his passion for swim trunks only really took off during his world trip, which eventually brought him to his beloved Cape Town. What Rick saw here was miles from what he was used to in his hometown. The beaches, the landscape, the relaxed way of life. And the creative style of swim trunks. A style he never saw on the Dutch beaches. It tempted him to take the plunge. Rick decided to design original swim trunks for friends and family. Until it was time for the next step, resulting in this first collection. For those who don’t want to take life too seriously. Welcome to the good life!


All swim trunks are delivered via the delivery solution of Fietskoeriers.nl. This means that our packages can be delivered by bike in more than 45 cities in the Netherlands. DHL is responsible for the outlying areas as a partner of Fietskoeriers.nl.Want to know how delivery via Fietskoeriers.nl works?